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Taylor Williams: Fungi

Fungi Moodboard
Fungi Collection Board
Fungi Additional Board

Fungi is a home design collection for a children’s playroom inspired by the different patterns and colors within mushrooms. I chose these colors also because I wanted this collection to be gender neutral while also staying trendy and cohesive within any space. This playroom is for children who are 1-4 years old, they are just starting preschool and are full of life. They are into playing with their toys, exploring, reading, and coloring. Within this space I really wanted to have a variety of cohesive designs while also keeping the products for my patterns useful. With products such as chair cushions, pillows, storage bins, and a play tent, this space is not only comfortable but it is functional and playful. For this collection I wanted to create a playroom that is a comfortable, lively, and enjoyable space that any child wouldn’t want to leave. Fungi is a collection that is truly for any fun guy or girl that needs a space to play.