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Sarah Jarrell: Optic Bursts

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Sarah Jarrell's collection

My name is Sarah Jarrell and I am a junior in the Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s (ABM) program earning a B.S in Fashion Design and a M.S in Textiles. My background in science and mathematics allows me to push the boundaries of fashion design and seamlessly combine the textile industry with technology. I aim to create fun garments that incorporate technology to enhance the wearer’s experience and allow for an individual customization. As such, I take my inspiration for my collection, Optic Bursts, from volcanic lightning – nature’s own light show.

Volcanic lightning is a natural phenomenon during which colliding volcanic ash creates static electricity. This, combined with moist convection and ice formation, results in the light display of purples, blues, and reds known as volcanic lightning. The collection, Optic Bursts, takes inspiration from not only the color, but also the shapes and dynamics created during the event. Using side-emitting optic fibers and wearable technology, Optic Bursts will light up any rave event.

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