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Mara Harris: Kinship

Mara Harris' mood board
Mara Harris' collection

I am Mara Harris, a senior concentrating in fashion design with an interest in sustainable design and pattern making. This collection, titled kinship, is inspired by memories and skills passed on as a heritage from those we are closest to throughout our youth. The materials and fit of the garments were intended to convey a union of childhood playfulness and utility. Kinship evokes a sense of readiness for adventure, growth, and remembrance both of what has been left to us and what we leave behind through the color palette and silhouettes formed for each piece. To complete this collection, I applied zero and minimal waste pattern making techniques to the design and pattern drafting process for each of the garments. This challenged both my creative and technical skills through the exploration of unique ways to create the desired silhouette or form, while simultaneously allowing the garments to leave behind minimal waste. 

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