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Lora Sipal: Dawn Over Oasis

Dawn over Oasis Moodboard
Dawn Over Oasis Collection Board
Dawn Over Oasis Additional Board

Dawn Over Oasis is a collection created by Lora Sipal, inspired by the textures, colors, and fluidity of Pamukkale, Turkey. My father’s family is from Turkey, and I have always been inspired by nature, and the beautiful colors found in the country. Pamukkale is a mountainous area with thermal pools that contain debris from ancient architectural structures, surrounded by Travertine terraces that have formed around the thermal pools. These white Travertine terraces create what locals call “Cotton Castles”, believing that they were once the cotton crops of giants who left their cotton out to dry. The beautiful and organic nature found in this area creates a sense of serenity and calmness, as though one is waking up in an oasis, which translates into the collection.