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Lora Glenn: Daydreamin’

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My inspiration for this collection came from many places, but one of the biggest ones is that since I am graduating I have been looking for a house here in Raleigh and I found that I really like houses from the 60s and 70s that have a mid-century modern look. I have always liked the 60s style-wise, the geometric patterns that weren’t too sharp or harsh but rather fun and playful, the bright colors, and the happy, carefree feel that still somehow looks sophisticated. Due to my big love of the 60s I am so excited to incorporate it into my collection. Something else I am passionate about is creating durable products, this leads us to the other defining aspect of my collection. I have partnered with Avient to use their Dyneema fiber, which is the strongest fiber in the world, in all of my fabrics. By adding Dyneema we have found a way to drastically increase the strength and durability of any kind of fabric without sacrificing any comfort.