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Logyn Welborn: Astrid

Logyn Welborn's mood board
Logyn Welborn's collection

Senior Collection: ASTRID

Meaning “Starlike in radiance,” from the Greek astron, a star.

This collection is just that. Radiant yet peaceful and calming. Timeless even. 

 From the coloration to the texturization, this collection concept is nothing short of starlike.

Holding neutral variations with bursts of subtle pinks and blues each design is able to build its own character that orbits one general theme. That theme being rustic modernism. 

I was inspired by plastered walls that had been stripped and decolorized through weathering, sculptures that have lasted generations, and small detailed works of textile art. 

Symbolizing a strong foundation as architecture has symbolized throughout history, I also wanted to show appreciation to the true beauty of nature’s righteousness. 

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