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Lizzie Barnhardt: The Unknown Ending

Lizzie Barnhardt's mood board
Lizzie Barnhardt's collection

My collection, The Unknown Ending was created to tell the story of the whirlwind of emotions that a lot of people have been through during the covid pandemic. I wanted to design a collection that captured the hardships as well as the wonderful outcomes of this time. Each piece embodies deep colors and textures that portray the emotion it is meant to represent. The collection opens with the release of the virus which caused a lot of anxiety for many. Our whole world transformed into a virtual life, opening up more adventure for people working or going to school online. This pandemic has also induced clarity and growth, physically and mentally. The closing look represents the freedom that will come once this phase of life has passed. I hope that this collection can bring a sense of comfort for my viewers. We are all going through it together, and we will make it to the end together.