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Lauren Elson: Taro

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My collection, Taro, is a celebration of the interconnectedness and sacredness of Hawaiian heritage. Each piece is a representation of all things that make up the island and how they are all connected to one another and are each other’s “roots” as well as my roots (Hawaiian Heritage). The lava, which shapes the island’s foundation, is represented through strong lines and bold color. The ocean, which sustains and connects us, is mirrored in the fluidity and movement of each piece. The trees and soil, which provide nourishment and stability for growth, are embodied through organic shapes and earthy tones. The yellow hibiscus, a symbol of delicate beauty and resilience, is reflected in the intricate details, delicate color, and shape. The sand and coral, which create the boundaries and beauty of the shoreline, are represented through smooth textures and soft hues. Lastly, the tropical rainforests, a lush and vibrant ecosystem, are captured through movement within my design. Through Taro, I am aiming to honor Hawaiian culture and its connection to land and sea, as well as my “roots” (heritage).