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Kevin Seebold: Costume de Fantaisie

Costume de Fantaisie Moodboard
Costume de Fantaisie Collection Board
Costume de Fantaisie Additional Board

My collection titled, Costume de Fantaisie, is heavily inspired by styles of the late Victorian Era. Throughout my career at NC State University, I’ve had the fortunate experience to work on costuming for several indie films and stage plays which inspired me a lot for my collection. My collection aims to mix Victorian styles with wonder and fantasy often found in the art of theatre.

It’s a bittersweet feeling to finish a theatrical production, knowing you’ll have to say goodbye to people you’ve worked with for an intensive amount of time, people who often become more like a second family to you. I wanted my collection to capture this solemn and sorrowful emotion as I find myself and my fellow designers are in a similar boat, as we transition from one stage of our lives to the next.

This is not a goodbye, nor a farewell, but rather an until we meet again; and may all the blood, sweat, tears and those we’ve met along the way be remembered for all the smiles and laughter they brought to us.