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Jenna Spahr: Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna Moodboard
Flora & Fauna Collection Board

Flora & Fauna was inspired by exotic jungle elements beneath the canopy layer portraying a range of bright colors and bold patterns. In this pause in time, it’s essential to take more time to admire nature and its healing attributes. This textile collection is intended for a sunroom bringing natural elements into the indoors. Many of the home textiles incorporate organic shapes from the earth and motifs inspired by nature. Designed for the millennial woman who appreciates the vivid attributes nature has to offer and wants a quality, artisan look in her home. The color palette was inspired by rainforest elements, incorporating deep jewel tones with soft pastels. The motifs and textile designs are inspired both by  flora – flowers and plants, and fauna – animals. The collection contains a variety of knits, wovens, and digitally printed textiles all creating a unique habitat when paired together