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Hannah Weaver: Serpentina

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Serpentina is a lingerie and clubwear collection inspired by the symbolism of the Serpent and electronic music. When I was a child, my grandmother used to teach me about Nordic folklore. The Serpent was always a representation of transformation and rebirth as it could shed its skin and become a new being. During my travels in Europe visiting my family, I also spent a lot of time going to music festivals and immersing myself in the nightlife. I noticed a lot of people in black clothing with unique accessories at these concerts. There was a heavy desire amongst them to “escape” their lives or create an “alter ego” when the sun set and the techno music was on. My collection features mainly black clothing that can be intermixed and layered. The pieces were designed to easily flow around, accommodating the wearer to dance. Like the transformation of the serpent, women wearing these pieces can ditch their daily clothes and opt for daring styles for the special night.