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Emma Rigby: Thistle

Thistle Moodboard
Thistle Collection Board
Thistle Additional Board

My collection is named after the national symbol of Scotland. It is inspired by my Scottish heritage, I wanted to create a collection that encompasses my love for the country and its aesthetic. My mother is Scottish so I was raised visiting the country every year to see family. When I think of the Scottish Borders, my mind goes to beautiful gardens, winding rivers, and miles of rolling hills with castles. This collection is designed to encapsulate the overwhelming sense of peace and serenity that Scotland gives. The designs represent my take on “cottagecore.” I incorporated my favorite art style into the designs: minimalistic line drawings of faces and Scottish plants and flowers. The color palette is bright but soft, like the countryside and gardens. I used tweed fabrics because my grandparents live in a town on the River Tweed that historically had several mills. In contrast to tweed I used satin and chiffon to give softness and whimsicality.