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Emma Gibson: Below the Waste

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My inspiration for not just this collection, but all aspects of my design work come from my need to create ethically and sustainably. There is no other way I can justify being a creator without being conscious as to what happens to the products I make. I got into clothing design from seeing how little it takes for people or corporations to deem a garment/product worthless. This collection is a huge reflection on my influences growing up, wearing hand-me-downs almost exclusively from boys from brothers, family friends, and cousins. The utility and protection that cargo pants and stiffer materials – and decently sized pockets – allowed me to be the adventurer and explorer I was determined to be. Below the Waste is made from materials all sourced second hand or before being discarded to the trash. I find the challenge of creating something new only in the realm of resources that exist a stimulating challenge that keeps me learning and excited for what is next.