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Celine Borthayre: Dawn of Love

Dawn of Love Moodboard
Dawn of Love Design Board
Dawn of Love Additional Design Board

Inspired by the Rococo era painting “The Swing” by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Dawn of Love presents a modernized take on the themes and visual depictions seen in this piece of art. In the painting, a youthful woman floats upward in a billowing gown from a rope swing in a lush forest.  It is lighthearted, feminine, and luxurious—all central elements in Dawn of Love.  This is portrayed through yards of flowing silk charmeuse and chiffon that is gathered into voluminous ruffles.  The soft color palette is derived directly from the painting, each dress representing a different color that appears predominantly in the art.  Structured bodices are seen  throughout the collection using boning to accentuate the feminine physique and small details like smocking, covered buttons, and pearl features adorn each look.  Reminiscent of young love, Dawn of Love embodies all that is enchanting and dreamy through its silhouettes, materials, and sewing techniques.