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Carley Plummer: Beauty and the Mundane

Carley Plummer's mood board
Carley Plummer's collection

My name is Carley Plummer and I am a senior in Fashion Design. My collection represents the coexistence of vigorous beauty within nature and mundane urban environments. This past summer, I lived in New York City, widely known as “the concrete jungle.” I’ve always found peace in the presence of nature. When the bustling city felt overwhelming, I sought comfort in finding life amongst the steel and concrete. I was pleased to discover flourishing gardens, enchanting parks, and captivating floral art installations on the sidewalk. The artist Lewis Miller compliments the urban area with gorgeous floral arrangements and brings happiness to the city. These street installations, along with the many pictures of flowers and architecture I captured while living in the city, became the inspiration for my collection. This collection represents the fact that these two vastly different entities can co-exist and are vital for the human experience. Each garment embodies the amazing harmony of the natural vigor in the middle of the mundane urban space. 

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