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Ashley Irwin: In My Head

Ashley Irwin's mood board
Ashley Irwin's collection

My name is Ashley Irwin, and I am a senior in fashion design. My collection is titled “In My Head”. Through this collection, I wanted to explore a variety of human emotions and reflect that in my clothing design. The focus is on the different emotions people experience within relationships. Specifically, I was inspired by conversations between friends that provoked my own visible emotions. Friends interact and experience positive and negative emotions. This build intimacy between them. The six looks each represent one emotion: frustration, anticipation, disappointment, contentment, jealousy, and ecstasy. I am using color, silhouette, and other details to emphasize these emotions. I wanted to experiment with more challenging draping, corsetry, and hand dyeing. In addition, I explored techniques that I had not used before such as fabric manipulation and knitting.

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