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Ariel Thompson: Mirage

Mirage Moodboard
Mirage Design Board

“Mirage” is a collection inspired from my study abroad experience in Florence, Italy. During my History of Italian class, we took a field trip to the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum where I took a picture of a garment that casted a reflection in a mirror directly behind it. Quickly taking a picture of this beautiful garment, I hurried back to my class to conclude our tour of one of the most esteemed fashion design houses. Later in the day, I noticed the reflection of the garment in the mirror directly behind the mannequin from the picture I had taken in the museum. This garment had so much beauty and the reflection demonstrated all of it. Mirage is a collection that will have two parallel outfits together to symbolize the optical illusion of how an image can be perceived from different angles.