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Anne Graf: ℝ(Magic)

Anne Graf Mood Board
Anne Graf Collection Board

My collection, (Magic) exhibits the real aspect of magic that we all experience in this world: electricity.  I have incorporated lights, magnets, and various electronics because my friends have commented that electricity is simply magic, and unknowable.  I also utilized techniques like 3D printing and full-garment knitting.  The theme for the collection is based off of a mythical land of faeries.  A girl wanders in and meets mysterious characters, including the Queen of Time, the Faery Prince, the Beetle Villain, etc.  The fairyland is not like the quaint ones in storybooks; rather, it is creepy and dangerous, and only beautiful in theory.  Most of all, it is unlike the human world.  I have used the colors of a remote jungle, which is an unknown and therefore potentially magical place.  The garments have been constructed in abnormal ways, to add to the general air of confusion.

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