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Anna Stuffelbeam: Umbel

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Umbel inflorescence is a cluster of flower stalks originating from the same place, each one unique in its expression yet their summits form a level surface that appears as one flower. This collection stems from limited and specific materials. Using only natural fibers with a focus on wool from heritage sheep and plant dyes, each design branches off to explore colors, textures, and patterns inspired by nature and come together as a cohesive collection. Pushing the boundaries using traditional and modern textile technologies, combinations of techniques are used along with specifically engineered woven and knit structures. The collection focuses on sampling using Jacquard weaving, Dobby hand weaving, Shima Seiki knit shibori, Dubied knitting, and various dyeing techniques. Select designs are featured in home products such as a rug, blanket and art. The exhibit is designed to showcase the process and products as a studio on display. Umbel aims to push innovation, honor tradition and highlight natural materials.