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Alexis Shockley: Solar

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This collection encompasses fantasy, sensuality, and color expression through a character I have created known as Solar. She is the sun goddess who shines upon us mortals as she does her daily duties. She is my interpretation of what I believe a sun goddess would look like, a black woman in all of her radiance. Throughout the collection, Solar will be adorned with various colors of satin, chiffon, and lace as she goes throughout her day from sun-up to sun-down. Melanin helps with protecting people from harsh UV rays, it is also what helped to come up with the concept for my collection. I wanted to show more representation of black women in fantasy, especially with showcasing their more feminine and sensual side. This collection also allows me to play around with different color combinations and silhouettes. Each look is based on different light phases: twilight, daytime, golden hour, blue hour, and nighttime.