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Abby Mahl: Wildwood

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Wildwood is a collection that explores the difficulty of creating and designing when dealing with burnout and anxiety through the metaphor of an enchanted forest. A creative endeavor, or making your way through the forest, can start as a wondrous journey, and soon delve into darker places of anxiety. However, with time, you can make your way to a part of the forest with just as much wonder and whimsy, but that is much lighter, more joyful, and healthier. Creating quality work that is interesting and engaging does not have to be a struggle through a foreboding part of the forest, it can also be an enchanting experience in a beautiful place. This collection features floral imagery, faux vines, the use of princess lines and unique hem shapes, and whimsical and intriguing colors that all aim to pull the viewer into the forest of Wildwood.