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Sloane Byrd


Sloane Byrd: Bright Young Things

“Bright Young Things” was once a term given to the young aristocrats of London during the 1920s. This particular group was known for their extravagant lifestyles and flamboyant wardrobe. True to its history, many of the young upper class during the late 1910s and throughout the 20s lived life to the fullest but also recklessly, but little did they know that the stock would plummet the next decade. This was due to the ending of World War 1, which caused a new social revolution among the youth who now demanded new freedoms from the control of a culture that followed old world traditions. The Collection “Bright Young Things” is meant to transport you to a whole other era that is defined by elegance as well as extravagance. As for the inspiration behind the 6 looks, each look takes on a modern play of different stereotypes for that era, such as the jazz singer, the socialite, the mob boss, the golf player, the debutante, and last but not least, the flapper.