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Rand Dunnigan


Rand Dunnigan: Growth

Growth is a textile collection inspired by my personal growth as a designer, as well as the natural beauty of the tropics around the world, from the Bahamas to India. I find that my work as a designer is often inspired by natural elements, such as flowers and animals. By researching tropical locations around the world, I can pull inspiration from both the local flora and fauna, as well as traditional textile methods used in the region. I hope to incorporate these elements into each piece of my collection whether it’s through texture, motif development, or color. Throughout my time here at the college, I have developed a strong interest in digital printing, industrial weaving, and dyeing, and therefore plan to emphasize these methods through this collection. I hope to instill a sense of serenity one would feel in the tropics through this collection while continuing to stay true to my maximalist design sense.