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Mary Mac Lyons


Mary Mac Lyons: Jolie

Jolie is a culmination of classic textile designs intended for an interior upholstery market. The title is French for “pretty” and represents the refreshing and feminine styles throughout this collection. I have pulled inspiration from chinoiserie designs, floral motifs, coastal colors, elements of nature, and more. All of these pieces represent elegance, therefore allowing the collection to mesh together seamlessly. Additionally, so much of my inspiration comes from my travels around Europe. This collection is designed to feel like a nice, Spring morning walk through a garden. It is dainty, but chic. Jolie is thoughtfully coordinated to bring youthful life to “old-fashioned” interiors. As a young designer, I tend to be refreshed, yet also soothed, by traditional styles. The collection uses a variety of textures and patterns to introduce a new style, which blends Parisian and Palm Beach interiors. My hope is that Jolie revitalizes those experiencing it.