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Lilly Barozzini


Lilly Barozzini: Morning Meditation

An ethereal, dreamlike mindset of peace, serenity, and freedom is found in the rebirth of the mornings. Each look represents the mixture of emotions as you work to ground yourself in peace for the day. The use of graceful silhouettes and translucent textiles allows your mind and body to fill with the emotions of freedom, serenity, pain release, and inspiration. The impact of grounding yourself within nature is a method of self-care that has been impactful in my journey of finding inner peace within each day. Allowing your senses to notice the nature around, from the fog flowing within the trees, the dew on the ground between your toes, and the sound of the stream trickling by, encourages you to recenter and ground your mind and body. Allow this collection to bring you into a peaceful mindset and ground you into a new sense of freedom and joy.