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Kenli Esau


Kenli Esau: Aleta

Aleta is a home textile collection inspired by the feeling of comfort and nostalgia that one may experience when visiting Ocracoke Island. The island is an incredibly special place to me, so I felt that it would be the perfect theme for my senior collection. I wanted to create a collection that would make the audience feel the same relaxing, hopeful, sense of home that I feel when I visit. This collection embodies the simplicity and naturalistic qualities of the island through floral motifs, nature-inspired designs, and color. Since the island has a rich history, I wanted to subtly incorporate this into the collection through textures from historic homes and motifs that evoke a feeling of the past. Through this collection, I hope to bridge the gap between past and present while creating something new. Aleta will showcase a collection of hand-woven, jacquard-woven, digitally printed, and quilted fabrics.