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Brooklyn Franke: On Cleaner Shores

Brooklyn Franke's mood board
Brooklyn Franke's collection

My name is Brooklyn Franke. I am majoring in Fashion Textile Design with a minor in French, and I have a passion for keeping our planet clean. Earth’s oceans are essential to life for most species. Unfortunately, 17.6 billion pounds of trash are dumped into the ocean every year, and overfishing and coral bleaching are causing irreparable damage to aquatic ecosystems. However, there is hope if we change these habits. 

My collection aims to remind us of the beauty of Earth’s oceans so that we can better appreciate and protect our planet. It takes inspiration from bioluminescence, colorful marine life such as coral, and the movement of water. Each piece reminds us of the beauty that would be lost if we continue to pollute the earth’s waters. Let’s travel through the ocean with this collection, and consider all the wonderful things our planet has to offer.